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July 18


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Little language and violence.

****Spoilers (slight)

for the Female Titan arc.

Eren Jaeger, the Titan-shifter from Shiganshina who’s best friends with Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, two other survivors from the same district. You thought that he was a little arrogant about his power, always claiming that if he was able to use it, then he would be able to defeat all the Titans. You knew that this was ridiculous due to the fact that the first time he transformed to help patch the hole in the Trost wall, but tried to attack Mikasa, his adopted sister, three times. But despite all the danger that surrounded him, and his slight arrogance, you had fallen for him, and fallen hard.

“(f/n)! (f/n)!” Speak of the devil… You turned around to see Eren walking towards you, his turquoise eyes locked onto your (e/c) ones.

“What do you want, Jaeger?” You never called anyone by their first name unless you were really close to them, or they asked you to, which Eren had done multiple times. But you also didn’t want to call Eren by his first name because you thought that would give away your feelings towards him.

“(f/n), why do you never call me by my first name? I told you to call me ‘Eren’ not Jaeger…” Eren’s eyes looked downcast, and you felt really bad for making him feel a little sad; he already had a lot on his shoulders with all the responsibilities that were being pushed on him.

You sighed deeply. “Sorry, I’ll call you by your first name from now on.” Eren nodded his head, his eyes lighting up a bit. “Anyways, did you need me for anything?”

“Ah, that’s right! Hanji wanted us to do an experiment to see what the difference is between the two of us when we shift.”

Hanji’s experiments were famous throughout the entire Survey Corps, as well as the rest of the military. You were about to become subject to them as you were a Titan shifter just like Eren and Annie, the recently discovered Female Titan. However, you had never shifted inside the walls. The only reason you knew that you were a Titan shifter was due to the scars on your face that are the same as the ones Eren had when he was forcibly cut out from his Titan. Despite the scars, everyone thought that you were still one of the most beautiful cadets in the Survey Corps.

“Ugh, right now? I’ve gotta go to training. And it’s with Shorty, so he’ll get really pissed if I blow it off.” You really didn’t want to become another one of Hanji’s test subjects; from what Eren had said, the experiments were pretty stressful and tiring.

“Hanji said she’ll deal with Levi, but she really wants you to come right now. Please, please, just come now or else Hanji’ll be upset and then that leads to even worse experiments…”

You sighed, knowing that you would not want to put Eren in any more troublesome situations, so you just nodded your head and motioned for Eren to lead the way to wherever Hanji was conducting her experiment. Eren smiled and started to walk towards the HQ the Special Ops Squad was living in. As you walked through the HQ, you and Eren barely passed by any people, but those that did walk past you looked at you with sympathetic eyes, knowing that you two were about to be apart of another one of Hanji’s experiments.

Wow, where the hell does Hanji hold all of these experiments…? Wait, what why are we inside the HQ? We’d destroy it if we shifted in here… What’s going-

Your thoughts were interrupted as you felt yourself shoved to the hallway wall. On reflex, you tried to punch whoever had done that, but your senses were still a little disoriented and you swung at air. Then, you felt your hands being pinned to the wall, and you opened your mouth to scream.

“(f/n), calm down. It’s just me, Eren.” Eren’s voice was low and soothing, yet at the same time, his voice was very seductive. It was even more seductive due to the fact that his voice was right next to your ear.

“What. The. Actual. Hell. Eren.” You slowly growled each word, pissed off at Eren’s sudden attack.

“I-I wanted to talk to you before we went to Hanji’s experiment.” Eren’s face pulled back and blushed, and you saw a nervous look that you had not been able to see before.

“You could’ve just asked me to talk, or stopped walking and turned around or done anything else, but what you just did. Pinning someone to the wall isn’t really a good way to try and talk to someone unless you’re threatening to kill them or something along those lines.” Your voice was no longer growling at Eren, but you were still really pissed off at him.

“R-Right, of course, I wasn’t even thinking straight. I can’t believe I did that… I-I’m so sorry, (f/n).” Eren’s voice had changed to a different octave and you could obviously tell he was really nervous.

“Uh, Eren?” Eren looked straight into your (e/c) eyes with his own bright, turquoise ones. “Do ya think you could, oh I don’t know, let go of my wrists?” Eren’s eyes widened as if he was shocked that he was still holding onto your wrists. His hands let go of your wrists, and you looked down at them, surprised to see a slight red mark where his hands had been. “Jeez, Eren, were you trying to cut off the blood to my wrists?”

“S-Sorry…” Eren mumbled and looked at the ground, his hands loosely hanging beside his body.

You sighed and looked at his sad figure, thinking he looked like a puppy who just got scolded. And who can stay mad at a sad wittle puppy? “You said you wanted to talk to me, right? What did you want to talk about?” Eren’s head popped up at your questions, his eyes bright once more.

Yup, exactly like a little puppy. Gosh, why does he have to be so damn cute?

“Oh, well, um, I just wanted to say that… Well, uh, maybe it’s better if I just show you what I wanted to talk about.” You stared at him confused, as he walked closer to you, and it wasn’t until he was only centimeters away that you understood. You closed your eyes, as Eren came even closer, and felt soft, warm, gentle lips on your own smooth ones. It was a gentle and hesitant kiss, until you put your arms around Eren’s neck and pulled him closer to you. Surprised, Eren opened his eyes, and pulled back from your lips a little bit. You opened your eyes, and looked at him with a confused look.

“Eren…?” You wondered if he actually liked you, or if he just wanted a one time thing. It wouldn’t surprise you if he only wanted a one time thing, a lot of soldiers did it because they never knew when they would die.

“(f/n), I just wanted to say that I love you. And I always have loved you, ever since we met the first day in training.”

“I love you too, Eren. But, Eren, do you love the Titan side of me?” You asked the question you never wanted to hear the answer to.

“I have never seen it or anything, but I will love it. I love every part of you.” Eren traced the scar lines on your face with a look of gentleness and love.

You leaned into Eren’s toned chest and sighed happily. “I love the Titan side of you too, Eren. Even though I think you’re a little arrogant about it.” You felt Eren chuckle slightly, and heard his heartbeat  increase at your comment. Eren pushed you slightly away from his chest, and leaned in to kiss you once more. You closed your eyes again, and once again felt his gentle lips on yours. This time however, you could sense an underlying hunger in the kiss, and throughout his body as his hands traveled down to your waist and stayed there. Eren pulled you closer to him, and gently licked your bottom lip, asking for entry. You opened your mouth slightly to let him in, but then felt his tongue forcing itself into your mouth. You made a surprised sound, and could feel a smile form through the kiss.

Well, two can play at that game.

You put your tongue into his mouth, and at the same time, locked your hands in his dark brown hair. This elicited a moan from him, and you smirked into the kiss this time. At this time, you needed air, and luckily, so did Eren, so you two broke apart with a strand of saliva connecting your lips. Eren kept his forehead touching yours, and you exchanged breaths as you both slowly regained the oxygen lost during the kiss.

“We really should go to Hanji’s office, she’s probably been waiting for us for awhile.” Eren’s voice broke through the sound of the two of you panting, and you nodded your head, still too dazed to say anything. Eren took your hand in his, and started on his way to Hanji’s office, with you trailing behind.

His hand, is so soft and warm. I feel so safe knowing that he loves me and he’ll protect me. This feeling is so comforting, I never want to let it go…


Eren knocked on Hanji’s office door with his free hand, his other hand still holding onto yours protectively. There was still a slight blush on both of your faces, but there were quite large smiles on both of them as well.

The door flung open and Hanji’s face appeared in the doorway. “EREN! (F/N)! WHERE HAVE YOU TWO BEEN?! OH, NEVER MIND, JUST COME IN!” You felt blown away by the level of excitement that you could feel coming from Hanji in just those few seconds. The two of you followed Hanji inside of her cluttered office, and were pushed down into the two chairs on one side of her desk. Your hands became separated, but Eren quickly found yours again and held on tightly. Hanji noticed and squealed very loudly. “EREN~! You two are so cute together~~!” You blushed even more, but that just caused Hanji to squeal again.

“Uh, Hanji?!” Eren had to shout over Hanji’s squealing to get her attention. “What experiment are we doing this time?” Hanji’s squealing immediately stopped and she came close into your faces.

You could see a hungry glint in your eyes, and became slightly frightened. “I’m so glad you asked, Eren. You see, today will be the first time (f/n) knowingly and purposefully shifts into her Titan form. I just want to see how she will react around us, and you, since she’ll be fighting alongside the rest of us on expeditions. We need to see if she’ll need training, like you did, or if she’ll be like Annie and know what exactly she is doing.” You slowly nodded your head to everything that Hanji was saying, and felt Eren squeeze your hand assuringly.

~Time Skip to forest outside~

“Alright, (f/n), you know what you have to do to shift, right?”

“Right, but I’ve never shifted before, and biting through the skin of my hand sounds painful…” You wondered how you would do it, as you didn’t want to bite through your skin, but you didn’t have anything like that ring Annie used to shift.

Hanji held out a small knife towards you. “Here, use this. You don’t have to cut yourself too deeply or make a long cut either. As long as you self-inflict some type of wound, you should be able to shift. Also, make sure that you have a clear objective in mind, like: ‘Shift into my Titan form’ or something along those lines.”

“What if I can’t shift?” Your voice was confident, but your (s/c) hands were shaky with the nervousness you were trying to hide.

“If you can’t shift, don’t worry about it. We’ll just try again some other time. We don’t have another expedition planned in the next few months, so you have time to learn how to shift if you can’t do it today.”

“What if I go berserk and try to kill you?”

“Levi’s coming, and he knows how to cut someone out of the Titan’s neck without hurting them, so he’ll stop you. With some assistance from Eren of course.” Hanji’s voice was confident, having thought out many scenarios of your shifting.  

“(f/n), you’ll be fine. I’m here for you, so don’t worry about anything, okay?” Eren’s hand was still holding yours, and he quickly pulled you into an embrace. You breathed in his scent deeply and then turned back around towards Hanji, who still held out the knife towards you. You took the knife, with less shaky hands, and took a deep breath.

I need to shift into my Titan form, I need to shift into my Titan form.

You repeated this over and over in your head like a mantra and cut your hand with the knife. As soon as you did so, your vision became dark and all of your other senses were gone.

~Eren’s POV~

I was worried that (f/n) wouldn’t be able to shift, but as soon as she cut herself with the knife, I saw the blinding flash of bright light and steam, and knew that she had done it.

“YAHOO!” I heard Hanji’s voice and looked over to see her jumping around with joy at (f/n)’s shift. “Eren! Now you shift too!”

“Eh?! I thought only (f/n) was supposed to shift! I’m only supposed to shift if she goes berserk so Corporal Levi can cut her out of the Titan!” I didn’t like the idea of shifting, as I didn’t have it completely in control just yet.

“It’s fine, Eren! It doesn’t seem like (f/n)’s going to go berserk, so just shift! Besides, it’ll be good practice for you too.” I sighed, knowing that Hanji was not going to give this up. I brought my hand to my mouth and bit through the skin, thinking that I needed to shift into my Titan form to protect (f/n). As I did so, I felt the familiar sense of shifting and knew that I had succeeded.

~Reader’s POV (well, 2nd person, but you know what I mean)~

What the…? Did I succeed? Where am I?

You still couldn’t see anything, but then you realized that you had your eyes still closed. You opened them to see Hanji jumping up and down with excitement, but you were at least 14 meters away from her.

Whoa, I actually did it!

Your senses all came flooding back and you could hear Hanji’s excited talking along with the other soldiers awe at another Titan shifter. Everything was different, but at the same time, nothing was too different than before. However, when you looked towards where Eren was standing before you transformed, you saw a bunch of steam. ‘Did Eren shift? But why? I mean, I’m not killing anyone or trying to eat anyone.’ You saw a Titan head appear from the steam, and recognized that it was Eren’s Titan form.

Titan… Kill… KILL THE TITAN!

A voice said in your head, growling it out with hatred and disgust.

You saw Eren’s Titan getting closer to you, but didn’t see him move a muscle. You realized it had to be you running towards him.

Wait, no, no, no! Wait, stop! If I run anymore, I’m going to crash right into him! Stop, you stupid body, stop!

Your internal cries were to no avail as your body continued to run towards Eren’s Titan.

Must kill Titan...

The voice came around once more, and your body swung an arm at Eren’s face, connecting with his forearm instead of his face. You raised your leg to kick at his legs, and managed to get him on the ground.


You screeched inside of your head, not knowing why your Titan body wouldn’t listen to you.

“(f/n)! STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Hanji’s voice penetrated your thoughts, even though she was echoing them. “Levi! Cut her out!”

Must kill the Titan…

That voice came around one more time, and your hands curled into fists and you started to pound Eren’s Titan with them. All Eren did was curl into a ball; showing that Eren was obviously in complete control of his Titan.

“(l/n), you’re such an idiot.” You heard a monotonous voice from behind before your senses were cut off once more, but not before you saw Hanji cut Eren out of his bloodied Titan.

~Time Skip~

You awoke to Hanji’s concerned face hanging over yours. “Ugh… Where am I, Hanji?” Your voice was raspy, like you had just screamed for hours.

“You’re in the infirmary. Hey, (f/n)... Do you remember anything about what happened during the experiment?” You slowly sat up, and reached for the water next to your bed, but Hanji beat you to it and handed it to you. You greedily drank all of it, and then put the glass back on the table.

“I remember that I was able to shift and everything was fine, but then Eren shifted and then I suddenly started to go berserk. Also, there was this weird voice in my head. All it kept on saying was to ‘Kill the Titan’ and after it said that, my body started to move towards Eren and then I started to beat him up… Eren!” You moved to get out of the bed, but Hanji gently pushed you back.

“Don’t worry, he’s absolutely fine. We cut him out of his Titan, and there are no damages to him.” Hanji’s voice was soothing, like how a mother would speak to her child after they woke up from a nightmare. You started crying, from relief, but also fear that you almost killed Eren. Just then, the door burst open, and Eren ran to your side.

“(f/n)! Oh, (f/n), I’m so glad that you’re okay.” Eren climbed onto your bed and wrapped his arms around you. You leaned into his chest and started to sob, his body muffling your cries.

“I’m so sorry, Eren! I’m so sorry!” You repeated these words over and over again, as Eren just shushed you and stroked your (h/l) (h/c) locks to calm you down.

“(f/n), it’s okay. I’m fine, and you’re fine, that’s all that matters.”

“Oi, Jaeger, that’s not the only thing that matters.” You looked up at that same monotonous voice that you last heard in your Titan form, and saw Corporal Levi leaning against the infirmary wall with a bored look. “She almost tried to kill you, she should be killed.” At his words, Eren held you even tighter, if that was possible, and glared at Levi.

“Shorty, relax! From what (f/n) told me, it wasn’t her that tried to kill Eren. It was someone else.” Hanji walked over to Levi and put her arm around his neck.

“Tch. Like we’re supposed to believe that there was another person inside the Titan with her?”

“Well, no, but it seems that someone may have done something to her that creates an alter-ego that’s obsessed with killing Titans, and takes over her Titan’s body when she shifts. I think that’s what happened today during the experiment, and that’s why she tried to kill Eren.”

“That just proves we should kill her. Who knows if that alter-ego thing of hers, if what you say is true four-eyes, will just appear out of nowhere when she’s a human. And if it does, then she’ll try to kill Eren again, won’t she? No, we can’t risk Eren’s life, so we have to kill her.” You tensed up at his words and buried yourself further into Eren’s chest.

“No! I won’t let you kill (f/n)! If you want to kill her, then kill me too because that’s the only way you’re going to get to her!” Eren’s voice was filled with anger and he practically growled, causing his chest to rumble against your face.

No, I won’t let Eren die because of me… I also can’t risk him coming to blows with Levi and severing the trust that he’s built with Levi, even if he is an ass.

“W-wait.” You lifted your head out of Eren’s chest and freed yourself from Eren’s embrace. “I-I’ll leave the walls.”

“What?! No, you can’t do that! You’ll die! The Titans come after shifters like us, and they try to eat us!” Eren’s voice was shocked and worried, but you ignored it as you continued on.

“Levi’s right, Eren. Who know if I’ll try to kill you while we’re both in our human forms? And even if I don’t what’ll happen when we both shift into Titans during expeditions? No, I can’t risk your safety since you are able to think more clearly when you’re in your Titan form than I am… I have made up my mind, and I am going to leave the walls.” You got up from your bed, and walked out of the infirmary, away from all of the shocked looks you received. Instead of walking towards your dorm, you walked towards the supply rooms. You looked for the weapons room, and when you found it, you walked in, grabbed a small knife, and then walked towards your dorm. When you got there, you went into your room, and put on your 3DMG and walked out towards one of the HQ exits. You checked to make sure you had enough gas, and then walked out of the HQ. You started to run towards the nearby forest when you heard Eren’s voice behind you.

“Wait! (f/n), wait! Stop!” You hesitated, but after a few seconds, you started to run away. Unfortunately, you were shorter than Eren by a few inches, so your legs were shorter too. In just a few seconds, Eren had caught up to you, and tackled you to the ground.

“Eren, let go of me!” You struggled against him, but Eren had you pinned to the ground.


“I can’t risk your safety, and me being here does exactly that!”

Eren’s turquoise eyes brimmed with unshed tears as he spoke to you. “But you not being here is going to kill me, (f/n). How can I live without my other half? Without my heart?”

You felt your vision go blurry as your own (e/c) eyes held unshed tears. “How can you still love me, even after what happened? I tried to kill you, Eren!”

“I told you I would always love you, no matter what! I said that only a few hours ago, why don’t you believe me?!” You had no words, so you looked away, and your unshed tears fell onto the dirt beside you. You felt Eren’s fingers caress your scars again, and come under your chin. He gently grabbed your chin and tilted your head so you were looking at him again. You closed your eyes, ashamed to face him, and felt his lips being gently placed on yours. More tears came down your face and merged with the ones Eren was currently shedding. You felt his hands run themselves through your (h/l) (h/c) hair, and you moved your hands to his shoulders.

I’m so sorry, Eren.

And with that thought in your mind, you shoved Eren off of you and started to run towards the forest again. Shocked, Eren stared at your retreating figure for a couple of seconds before snapping out of it and running after you again. By this time, you had already reached the forest and started to use your 3DMG.

“(f/n), please! Don’t go!” Eren’s shouts were so filled with pain you almost stopped and went back to him. But you didn’t, knowing that if you went back now, you would never leave him again. You continued on through the forest, knowing that you had lost Eren and anyone else who might’ve been chasing you.

You stopped on a tree branch to catch your breath and check your gas. “I’m so sorry, Eren… But this is what’s best for the both of us.” You choked up and started to sob into your hands, unable to keep in your tears any longer. “I will never be able to love and protect you in my Titan form, so this is what I must do. This is our fate.”


So, now you decide whether you want the original ending, the happy ending, or problematic ending (or you can read all three!). For the original ending, keep reading. For the happy ending, click this link:…. For the problematic ending, click this link:… (this is only Chapter 1).



~Eren’s POV~

It has been 3 months since (f/n) tried to kill me and decided to leave the walls to “protect me.”

“Oi, brat. Get ready. We leave for the gate in 10 minutes.” Levi’s bored voice came through the door and I just nodded. God, why did she have to leave? We could’ve worked something out… I shook my head and made sure I had everything I needed for this expedition. Well, I say expedition, but it wasn’t official. It was just Levi, me, and a few other select squads who were going out to investigate a small part of the path from Karanese to Shiganshina that we tried to go on during the last expedition. I walked out of my room, and got to the stables where I saw that all the other soldiers were almost all ready to leave, including Mikasa.

“Mikasa, are you still coming with us?”

“Of course, I need to make sure I protect you.” I sighed, Mikasa had never let go anywhere anymore after what happened with (f/n). I didn’t argue, knowing that doing so would just delay us from our expedition.

~Time Skip to outside the walls~

We had left Karanese about 30 minutes ago, and we hadn’t seen any Titans yet.

So far so good then.

 However, we were just about to pass by a forest, when 5 Titans appeared.

“Titans on the left! We must engage!” Levi’s voice could be heard from the front, and so, everyone drew their blades and prepared to fight. All except me, of course. I was told that I had to not engage in combat unless I was about to die or unless ordered to. So, I focused on making sure I didn’t get caught up in between anybody’s horses or blades. “Go!” Levi’s voice once again sounded, and all the soldiers didn’t hesitate to obey. Since there were a lot of trees around, using the 3DMG was no problem, and I watched in some sort of awe as four of the Titans were cut down. One Titan, however, was covering the nape of its neck and bringing down soldiers left and right.

Another Titan shifter?! Wait… I recognize that form. It’s (f/n)! What is she doing?!

 I saw that while (f/n) was cutting down soldiers, she was also eating them. Like a regular Titan… I have no choice.

Only a Titan shifter will be able to defeat a Titan like that!

 I jumped off of my horse and rolled onto the ground. I bit my hand, and immediately transformed into my Titan. As soon as I had control over my body, I rushed to engage (f/n)’s Titan in combat.

~Reader’s View~

Eat humans… Kill Titans… Eat humans…

The same words repeated in your head over and over again in a never-ending cycle. You shoved soldier after soldier down your throat, but made sure to keep your hand over the nape of your neck, somehow still remembering the weak spot even though you no longer had a human mind. Then, a Titan appeared in front of you, and punched you right in the face. You were temporarily blinded, but your regenerative ability was faster than any other Titan. You engaged in combat, but put your hand down from the nape of your neck.

Kill Titans… Eat humans… KILL TITANS!

The fight didn’t last for long, as the Titan in front of you had you in a headlock and was moving its mouth to the nape of your neck. You let out a screech, and struggled, but it was no use.

KILL TITANS! KILL Titans. Kil… Tita… Ti...

Eren’s Titan?

Your mind suddenly overcame your alter-ego as you felt Eren’s teeth on your neck.

I love you, Eren...

 And with that, Eren’s teeth bit through your neck and through your body as well.

As Eren ripped his teeth away from (f/n)’s neck, he let out a roar, but it was not a triumphant roar. No, it was the roar of one whose heart had been torn in two and would never be healed ever again.
Soo first time making a sad fanfic, so please tell me how I did! Also, I'M SORRY for adding another sad fanfic to the million others out thereLlama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] Pikachu Crying Plz 1 

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan and everything about it belong to Hajime Isayama

You belong to ErenSai Sai-Chan Wink 
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